Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's Get Retarded In Here

To kick this thing off, I'll begin by expressing how disheartening it has been to realize that almost everybody in America these days is without manners. Before I began working in customer service, I figured most people in this country were probably like me: very courteous, raised to respect everyone, and civil in their discourse. After having been doing it for 2 years, I have lost all faith in the upbringing of at least the last 3 generations of Americans.

Not everybody is a hothead. Not everyone I talk to is argumentative and unpleasant. For the most part, people are nice, but it is such a poor reflection on them when their manners have diminished to almost completely nothing.

Some of you may have long suspected that this has become the case just in dealing with people you interact with in public everyday. But how many of you have the opportunity to work 60 hours a week taking call after call after call, speaking with people from random cities all over the country? It is when you experience this kind of constant interaction with today's brightest and crudest that you will confirm that it is indeed the case that Americans are mannerless.

"Do you mind holding?" I was surprised to find out that most people ignore me when I ask this. They don't have to respond, the little servant should go and do as I say, I talk to you when I chose to. Which reminds me, many people don't ask for me to do things either, they command that I do them. Why complain so much about the new voice response system when you only treat me like a robot, anyway? I have flesh over the blood that runs through me, you know, so throw "please" somewhere in there.

Why do I answer the phone, refreshed and ready to approach you with peace, only to be greeted with animosity? Oh, I've been cursed at, wished to be dead or put in jail, and more--and I don't even know who you are nor what's going on yet! What kind of awful person do you have to be to speak to some unrelated person with such passionate hate and venomous disdain? You may respond, "Hey, you're supposed to represent the company!" To that, I reply, What kind of awful person do you have to be to speak to some unrelated person with such passionate hate and venomous disdain? Whatever the problem is, I bleed and breathe like you, so treat me like a human being. What kind of person do you have to be to unload all the shit in your life on an innocent stranger? A monster.

The list goes on--and on... But the post is already getting too lengthy and I feel I've made it clear that for the most part, Americans lack respect for everyone and expect everything back from them. And I say it's at least apparent in the last 3 generations because I come across the same thing from the youngest, to the older, to the elderly (who are already notoriously rude people). If the 2 of you out there who are reading this understand how lackluster our signs of respect and dignity have become, please stop calling, yelling at me, and cursing me out! I don't know who the fuck you are, and if you saw me on the street, I'd kill you.

Mind your damn manners!

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